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Lunes 18 diciembre, 2023Guru Ghasidas celabrationFarsi
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Guru Ghasidas celabration

Lunes 18 diciembre, 2023
Farsi : Guru Ghasi Das ( 1756 – 1836 CE ) was an advocate of the Satnami sect of Hinduism in the early 19th century. Ghasi Das was born on December 18, 1756 in Girodpuri, Raipur District Tehsil - Balodabazar. Guru Ghasidas was the son of Mahngu Das and Amrotin Devi. Ghasidas preached Satnam particularly for the people of Chhattisgarh. After Ghasi Das, his teachings were carried on by his son, Balakdas. Guru Ghasidas was the founder of the Satnami community in state of Chhattisgarh. During his lifetime, the political atmosphere in India was one of exploitation. Ghasidas experienced the evils of the caste system at an early age, which helped him to understand the social dynamics in a caste-ridden society and reject social inequality. To find solutions, he travelled extensively across Chhattisgarh. banks remain open [Wikipedia]