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Días festivos y celebraciones de todo el mundo

Católica : las fiestas religiosas

Católica : calendario de fiestas y celebraciones religiosas de todo el mundo durante el bimestre en curso

Nombre Fecha Tipo Más
San Segundo (sólo en Ávila)Jueves 2 Mayo, 2019Católica 
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Alicante Santa Faz Pilgrimage*Jueves 2 Mayo, 2019Católica 
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San Anastasio (Lleida sólo)Sabado 11 Mayo, 2019Católica 
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St Isidore*Miércoles 15 Mayo, 2019Católica 
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San Segundo (sólo en Ávila) -
Sabado 2 Mayo, 2020

Católica :

Alicante Santa Faz Pilgrimage -
Jueves 2 Mayo, 2019

Católica : Please check dates: 300,000 people take part in this pilgrimage which dates back to 1489, when a pilgrimage was organized to pray for rain.

San Anastasio (Lleida sólo) -
Lunes 11 Mayo, 2020

Católica :

St Isidore -
Viernes 15 Mayo, 2020

Católica : Isidore (c.560-636) the Husbandman (or Farmer) is the patron saint of farmers, and Madrid. When a young boy, he became discouraged with his studies and ran away from school, but he came across a steadily dripping stream of water that had worn a deep hallow in a rock, and this He succeeded his brother as the bishop of Seville, but is better known for his writings. inspired him to return to his studies. His brothers Leander, Fulgentius, and Florentian are also saints. Observed in Spain as Feast of Saint Isadore. Also celebrated in Mexican towns whose patron saint is San Isidro. (